Huawei CDMA PC Suite 12.08 Free Download

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Synchronize your devices with Huawei CDMA PC Suite

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Huawei CDMA PC Suite is a synchronizing tool which will suit the needs of these kind of mobile phones.

As Huawei is not one of the most common brands of the market, there are few tools that allow users to connect their devices to their computers and, apart from being difficult to find, are also expensive or inefficient.

Huawei CDMA PC Suite will help users to connect their mobile phones to their computers and then do with their documents everything they want to.

Huawei CDMA PC Suite 12.08 Features

It will allow users to connect the data of their phones with those of their PCs, and thus, to have all their data together in both devices. This characteristic will be very advantageous in case that something happens to your phone, thanks to this possibility of making backup copies with Huawei CDMA PC Suite.

This software will also allow users to synchronize their calendars and in this way they will not miss any appointment, they will have the events marked on their computer calendar also into their phones and vice versa.

Another good feature is the synchronization of the phonebook, which allow users to have the emails of their computer’s contact into their mobile devices, and to have the number of their mobile phonebook in their computer. Furthermore you will be able to send messages to other mobile phones with your PC.

This tool will give you the possibility of doing tasks that you are not allowed to do in your mobile, such as changing the name of some files or editing some multimedia documents. Furthermore, with Huawei CDMA PC Suite you will be able to organize all your content in the way you want to.

Alternative software

If you are not an owner of a mobile developed by the most known companies, you might need Lemon iT 717 PC Suite, which is also a suite utility that will allow you to connect your Lemon device to your computer.

However, if you have a mobile of a more common company, Sony Ericsson PC Suite could maybe fit your needs.


Huawei CDMA PC Suite will facilitate you the management of your mobile phone though the use of your computer and its big screen.

  • Easy to use
  • Sends messages from the PC
  • Backup copies
  • Only works with this brand

Huawei CDMA PC Suite 12.08 Free Download screenshot